Welcome to Bridgeway Baptist Church!

So many churches have placed the importance of a person based upon what that person can do for the church.  Jesus teaches us through the truth of His Word that people matter not because of what they can do for you but because of the price Jesus paid for them.  So at Bridgeway, you are welcome to come just as you are to experience the grace and love of Jesus Christ through a group of redeemed people who are willing to risk Biblical church to impact people’s lives for eternity!


Worship Times

Upbeat Jesus Focused Worship

Fellowship – 10:00 am
Worship – 10:30 am
Children’s Ministries during worship
 No Sunday night worship
Wednesday Worship – 6:30 pm
Children Ministries – 6:30 pm
AFTERSHOCK Youth Ministry – 6:30 pm


Contact Us:
 Chris Barnett, Pastor
 Jeff Miller, AFTERSHOCK Youth Pastor
 1503 E. Avalon Avenue
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661